Hospital HealthPathways

Hospital HealthPathways (HHP) provides secondary care clinicians with access to a suite of locally-agreed pathways of care within a hospital environment.

HHP is written primarily for junior doctors, senior doctors working outside their specialty, and doctors working in non-specialty areas, such as emergency or general medicine.

It facilitates informed decisions at the point of care, promotes standardised ways of working, and supports patient flow, including early discharge to the community.

Increase the standardisation and quality of care delivered to patients in hospital settings, regardless of who is delivering care and where, by using locally agreed web-based pathways.

Key Features

Pathways support clinicians to assess and manage patients’ needs, request support from local specialist services, access relevant information, remain up-to-date with local changes, and identify opportunities for service improvement.

You receive immediate access to over 300 hospital pathways that have been developed by members of the Hospital HealthPathways community.

  • Available online 24/7
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet-friendly
  • Can be integrated with third-party toolsets
  • Access to base templates for clinical conditions, which can be adapted for your local health system
  • Adaptive process that ensures information remains current and reflective of changes to local service agreements.


"It is a concise and relevant source of information about patient assessment. Gives good summaries about conditions and up-to date pathways for patient management. Highly recommend as a learning resource and for clinical guidance."

"It’s an incredibly useful resource that’s been invaluable in day-to-day practice, especially as a junior doctor, and especially out of regular working hours when seeking the advice of senior colleagues is potentially less easily accessible."

"Having worked in other hospitals, it is by far the best hospital guideline system I have used."

Why implement Hospital HealthPathways (HHP)?

HHP helps to improve standardisation and quality of patient care, remove unwarranted variation, and provide efficient patient flow.

HHP promotes:
  • clinical engagement and agreement
  • service development, using feedback loops to improve pathways
  • improved patient flow through standardised work
  • optimised discharge
  • improved medication compliance
  • seamless transition of patients from a community setting (via Community HealthPathways) to a hospital setting (via Hospital HealthPathways) and back again.
HHP reduces:
  • unwarranted variation in care
  • adverse events
  • delays
  • unnecessary or inappropriate tests and investigations
  • conflict among clinicians about how a patient should be managed.

Who is using Hospital HealthPathways?

Following the development of HHP in conjunction with Canterbury District Health Board (New Zealand), HHP has now been successfully opperating in Hunter New England (Australia) for four years and has recently launched in North Cumbria (UK) and Mid Central (NZ).

By combining HHP with Community HealthPathways, you can reduce variation and facilitate effective patient flow across both primary and secondary care.

Download the Hospital HealthPathways information pack

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