Where we came from

HealthPathways began in Canterbury, New Zealand, in 2008, as a collaboration between Streamliners and the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB).

The CDHB created a working group, called The Canterbury Initiative, with the goal of addressing the challenges of health care in Canterbury. They wanted to drive system wide change by encouraging and facilitating the development of relationships between community, primary and secondary care providers and develop pathways that support clinicians and patients through their healthcare journey.

Streamliners, at that time a technical writing company for corporate customers, was engaged to create a solution and from this initiative Community HealthPathways was born.

Since that time, we have produced over 600 clinical pathways. Local Canterbury clinicians now use HealthPathways to make over 2,000 better informed decisions with their patients daily.

HealthPathways has been a key enabler in Canterbury’s collaborative and integrated health system, which has been recognised in a report by acclaimed British health authority, The King's Fund (August 2017).

Health systems across New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom have adopted and adapted the learnings from Canterbury. The HealthPathways methodology and toolset is now used by nearly 50 health systems caring for 30 million people. Streamliners provides a shared platform and services to all health systems implementing HealthPathways.

Our Purpose

Improve the health and wellbeing of people around the world through:


collaborating globally for local impact


agreeing about what will work around here


giving clear guidance at the point of care

A personal message
from our CE

Ian Anderson - Chief Executive

Thanks for visiting to learn more about HealthPathways.

I’m proud to be part of a passionate and dedicated team improving the health and wellbeing of people around the world. Since 2008 we have worked closely with the health and social care community in a number of countries to collaborate and standardise the way they do things locally, while sharing best practice globally.

While this may seem a simple concept, the challenge is in successfully melding internationally-shared systems and content with the need to establish and clearly document locally-agreed pathways.

Our experience of stand-alone solutions is they only last as long as a few passionate individuals have the time and energy to maintain them, but they are not sustainable over time. By working in state, national, and international HealthPathways collectives we get the benefits of scale and sustainability, while retaining control of the necessary local variation in our pathways and service information.

Together, we are the HealthPathways Community. We collaborate globally for local impact.

Meet the Team

  • Ian Anderson

    Ian Anderson

    Chief Executive

    Ian is the co-founder and Chief Executive of Streamliners. He founded the organisation with his wife Emma Harding in 2000 to provide content development and web publishing services to a range of different industries, with a strong focus on the health sector. Their goal was to provide front-line staff with the information they need and trust to get on with their jobs quickly, safely, and confidently. Before founding Streamliners Ian spent 15 years working in senior corporate planning roles in a range of sectors including health. He has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Canterbury University.

  • Erin Wilmshurst

    Erin Wilmshurst

    Director of Community Growth and International Partnerships

    Erin’s strategic leadership skills have been consolidated in over 20 years in healthcare, leading in clinical service delivery, project and programme development and implementation, and leadership of diverse teams. Erin has a deep understanding of HealthPathways having previously been responsible for optimising the effectiveness of a regional HealthPathways programme of four Canterbury sites.  
    Erin loves time in the outdoors, especially mountain biking and regaining.  She has been playing hockey since she was a child, and continues to play now even if at times her mind is more willing than her body!

  • Dr David Hambleton

    Dr David Hambleton

    Director of Strategic Partnerships UK & Ireland

    A former geriatrician, David has a wealth of NHS Board level experience in provider and commissioning organisations. As Clinical Commissioning Group CEO, David helped South Tyneside become the first system in the northern hemisphere to model its integration approach on Canterbury, New Zealand. He now works as a Director of Strategic Partnerships for Streamliners in UK & Ireland; he is also Director of DH Leadership Alliance, supporting and coaching a variety of health systems.

  • Mark Girvan

    Mark Girvan

    Director of Strategic Partnerships UK & Ireland

    Mark has over 20 years’ experience of working within the UK health and social care sector. During this time, he has fulfilled a variety of senior roles within service improvement and transformational change delivery. He has experience working across a broad spectrum of charitable and health-sector organisations including; Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), NHS Foundation Trusts, and Commissioning Support Units. Marks involvement with Streamliners began in 2015 when he led the UKs first implementation of Community HealthPathways. 

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