HealthPathways is an online platform that provides localised, condition-specific guidance on the assessment, management, and referral process. We call these pathways. 

Each pathway is tailored to your health system by local clinicians in collaboration with subject matter experts, to reflect local service provision. 

Beyond simply being a tool for healthcare professionals, when you join the HealthPathways community you gain access to a shared platform where in partnership with Streamliners and other community members we work to improve local health systems.

HealthPathways offers clinicians locally-agreed information to make the right decisions, together with patients, at the point of care, so you can:

  • improve trust and relationships across the care continuum
  • use capacity more efficiently
  • reduce variation in care
  • save time for patients and clinicians

Do you ever ask yourself...


How can HealthPathways help?

HealthPathways supports general practitioners and hospital clinicians to make informed, supportive decisions with the patient at the point of care, within any local constraints on service availability.
They help to:
  • reduce variation in experience and outcomes for patients
  • improve local resource use and avoid an over-reliance on secondary care
  • translate national guidance into local practice consistently
  • increase relationships and efficiencies across primary and secondary care

HealthPathways solutions

HealthPathways enables collaboration and standardising "the way we do things" across and within both primary and secondary care settings in your health system. Select your area of interest below to find out more.